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    I am trying to programatically alter the sumbit action of a form so that when a button is pressed, the action is changed to point and submit to a different form. In doing this, a user would select a value from a drop down list and then select a button to invoke a form that calls upon this value using the request.form variable. Is this possible? Can it be done?<BR><BR>Yours Faithfully<BR>"Brassed off at not being able to achieve the simplest of tasks!"

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    yes, it&#039;s possible. in client-side code you can use the document.forms[formname].action property to dynamically alter this. If you look at http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ - at the search function in the left-hand column - you&#039;ll see this in action, but with radio buttons rather than a drop-down. feel free to view-source and grab the script (it&#039;s a packaged .js file, but I&#039;m sure you&#039;ll find it. It&#039;s under my copright, but I&#039;ll say you can use the function).<BR><BR>j

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