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    Is asp and C/C++ compatible??? Could I use both together instead of SQL???

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    you&#039;ll still need to use SQL to query the database - even if you write COM objects to handle the ASP side.<BR><BR>j

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    That&#039;s like asking if you can use clam sauce on your spaghetti instead of tomato sauce. Sure you can, but it won&#039;t taste the same.<BR><BR>In point of fact, most of the "controls" that you use in ASP (such as all the ADODB.xxx controls and the Scripting.xxx controls) are written *entirely* in C++. But the whole point of doing so is to provide a *usable* interface to VBScript--one that a person writing in the more simplistic scripting languages can effectively manipulat to do more than the bare scripting language alone.<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>Sure, write your "controls" in C++, to your heart&#039;s content. But if you are still trying to create ASP pages, don&#039;t forget the ultimate goal.<BR><BR>

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