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    Dave Alvarado Guest

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    I have two pages in an application. The first one does nothing but open the second full-screen with no menu bar, location, toolbar, etc. This second window is my main application window where users log into a system and perform various tasks. The problem I am having is catching when a user clicks the "x" in the top right corner of the browser and closes the browser window. In this situation, I want to log the user out by either redirecting the window to a logout script page (logout.asp) or opening a new window with the logout script page. I&#039ve tried all the events of the second application window I could think of, but nothing worked except window.onbeforeunload, which has the problem of firing every time the user refreshes the page. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ian Payne Guest

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    Have you tried using the Session_OnEnd event in global.asa?

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    Dave Alvarado Guest

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    The application is going to be distributed over several web servers, so anything session is out of the question. Plus, the original window is still holding the user&#039s session, so the session won&#039t end when the second window is closed.

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    Maybe you should try:<BR>onunload in your second page to call<BR>javascript function:<BR>window.opener.location.href="logout.a sp" to<BR>open logout.asp in your first window.

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