I&#039;ve created an api wrapper that will open up a directory browser window. This OCX runs clientside and is used to make it easy for the end user to select a file download directory.<BR><BR>After compiling the OCX, I ran it into the MS Packaging and Deployment Wizard and made sure to select &#039;Yes&#039; to both &#039;Safe for Scripting&#039; and &#039;Safe for Initialization&#039;<BR>(btw OCX made in VB6, MS Pack/Deploy is from Vis Studio 6)<BR><BR>However, when attempting to execute the page, the OCX cannot initialize because it says it is not &#039;Safe for Scripting&#039; and is unsigned. If I change my security in IE down to accept unsigned OCX&#039;s everything is fine, so it is not a VB compiler issue.<BR><BR>I have found an MSDN article stating that the registry entry information is absent in the OCX inf file that is placed into the OCX cab by the Pack/Deploy Wizard...however, this information WAS in my inf file...I am guessing the Bug report on MSDN is for an older version.<BR><BR>Is there another Deployment method, or any info that can help me get this OCX signed? I&#039;m really at my wits end...someone out there has to have an answer to this one.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Matt