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    well, i was thinking today just how one would go about making like a keyword search of fields of a database... is there a certain component, or function to do this? i know it would entail more, such as trimming the search of certain characters... but just curious how exactly it is done.... for example lets say a search where the user types up the search in a textbox for a word called garage... now i would want it to search through a table in a database... maybe in just a specific field (unless u can just as easily search through all the fields) for the keyword..... how exactly is this done? <BR><BR>thank you for your help.... :)..... while im at it, i see functions to trim out left and right spaces, but what about spaces in between??<BR>

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    It seems that there are a lot of questions about searching in here today....<BR><BR>Check some of these resources.<BR>www.aspin.com<BR>www.4guysfromrolla. com<BR><BR>You can find keywords in a databse using a SQL "like" command....<BR><BR>Do some searching, you&#039;ll find the answer...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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