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    Default HELP EXE & ASP

    I created a exe file(with VB) and installed on my server. Is there a way using asp to create an instance of the program on the client's browser(ie 5.5) - not install on client machine

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    Default please stop cross-posting and re-posting

    or no-one will answer you.<BR><BR>j

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    Default Telepathy?

    Let&#039;s get this straight: You have an ".exe" file. You want to create an instance of the file on the client&#039;s computer. And you don&#039;t want to install it on the client&#039;s machine.<BR><BR>Ummm... Okay, I give up. How did you expect to *get* it to the client&#039;s machine, then? Even if mental telepathy is real, I haven&#039;t heard anybody seriously proposing it as a download mechanism for computers. At least not yet.<BR><BR>To get to the client&#039;s machine, you have to send it across the wire (the &#039;net). And then when it gets there, what do you expect the client&#039;s computer to do with it? It&#039;s not a picture, so it can&#039;t be displayed. It&#039;s not an HTML file, so the browser can&#039;t display it. It&#039;s not an MS Word file, so the system won&#039;t invoke Word to display it. So what *will* the computer do with it?<BR><BR>The short answer is: Nothing. The longer answer: *IF* the user of the computer *trusts you* (and I wouldn&#039; reflection on you, personally, I just don&#039;t trust downloaded programs), then *maybe* he or she will save the file someplace on the computer. But unless the file is "installed" in some place that your HTML code knows about, you *still* won&#039;t be able to invoke the code from the browser.<BR><BR>In short...maybe you&#039;d be better off waiting for somebody to figure out the telepathy angle?<BR><BR>

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