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    I need help with dynamic arrays that are needed when you are<BR>reading a recordset and need to store the info but you don&#039;t <BR>know how many records there are. I tried putting the code<BR>from the classes that they created in the article on this website<BR>but then asp gave me errors with their code from the classes they<BR>created and I don&#039;t know what to do. This is driving me insane.<BR>Can anyone help me?<BR>Thanks!<BR>Jennifer

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    Default RE: vbscript dynamic arrays

    Paste the relevant code you have... we can help you through the problem, but I won&#039;t do it for you.

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    Default You are *probably* making it too hard...

    Have you looked at the method ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows ???<BR><BR>That one method will *automatically*, with one simple call, convert an entire recordset into an array. So you don&#039;t have to much with dynamic arrays.<BR><BR>But...<BR><BR>Dynamic arrays are actually quite easy. To see how to use them, look in the ASPFAQs at the category "Arrays" and then look for the Q&A on the topic "Arrays in session and application variables" (or something along those lines). Even if you aren&#039;t trying to use dynamic arrays in Session variables, the coding techniques there are simple and to the point and--most important--work.<BR><BR>

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