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    Hi <BR><BR>I am creating a sales order, I planning to create a four column table with form fields, <BR><BR>1 - Column Product Name <BR>2 - Column Product Rate (Dispaly automatically from <BR> Price table) <BR>3 - Column Quantity <BR>4 - Column Value (Calculat by price * quantity) <BR><BR>Its number of rows are not fix, a user either can enter 1,2 or any number of items in a sales order, also how many form fields should I define... Its tricky for me. <BR><BR>Do anyone have good idea how can I handle this situation <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>

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    Default Don't repost so soon

    If you look down the forums where you posted before, you&#039;ll see that you already have some replies ;)<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default Build dynamically expanding order entry pages

    Here is an article that answers your question, I think...<BR><BR>

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