Hi there. I&#039ve created a form that, when filled out, will directly update the database and redirect the user to a certain page so they can view their form input. What I would like to do is to also have the form trigger an email that will notify us that a user has submitted this form, and that will include the contents of the form. I have tried using a &#060;form action="mailto:.."&#062; tag, and then use JavaScript to take the user back to the page that displays the new form input. The JavaScript works perfectly, the "mailto" doesn&#039t. Any ideas as to why or what I can do to send this email? I use the "mailto" tag on other forms on my site, and it works fine. I would rather not use CDO, if possible - we would need to configure our server, and there is no time to do that before our deadline.<BR><BR>Thanks for all the help.