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    I'm new at asp code so bare with me! I have 5 radio buttons all the same name, you can only choose 1 option, then i have to update the table, each options is a field in the table, I know i have to check to see if the field is true but do i use a counter on the actual individual radio input to determine which field is true because they are all the same name.

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    &#060;INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="OPTION" VALUE="OP1"&#062; OP1 <BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="OPTION" VALUE="OP2"&#062; OP2 <BR><BR><BR>Then request.form("RADIO") will hold the value OP1 or OP2 depending on which button is selected

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    thank you, i&#039;ll try it!

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