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    how do I access an xml page generated by an asp page from a different server(example:rate quotes from shipping companies xml script) without having security(access denied)?<BR><BR>HELLLP!<BR><BR>I need an idea in asp to do this.

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    try using the ServerXMLHTTP object<BR><BR>Dim objHTTP: Set objHTTP = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")<BR>Dim objDom<BR><BR><BR>With objHTTP<BR> .Open "POST", "http://whever.com/myasptoxml.asp", False<BR> .send()<BR> Set objDom = .responseXML<BR>End With<BR>Set objHTTP = Nothing<BR><BR>response.write objdom.xml<BR>Set objDom = Nothing

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