i&#039;m writing my own web mail client using asp and accessing exchange 2k using ado. eveything works fine, but i can&#039;t access any email attachments. actually, they are easily accessed if you know what the file name of the attachment is (http://exchangesrv/exchange/mailbox/inbox/email.eml/attachment.whatever). my problem is finding out what the file names are. there is suppossed to be, i think, a property (field) of the message object called &#039;attachmentfilename&#039; that lists (obviously) the file names of all the attachments. however, when i print out all the field names of the message record it&#039;s not even listed. <BR>any ideas as to why i can&#039;t access that field or of another way to do this would be appreciated.<BR>i know you guys like to see code so here&#039;s how i bring back a specific record:<BR><BR>strURL = Request.Form("messageURL") &#039;messageURL is something similar to the url above but w/o the attachment<BR><BR>&#039;Create connection object<BR>Set Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Conn.Provider = "ExOLEDB.DataSource"<BR>cURL = "http://ursamajor/exchange/" & MailBox<BR>Conn.Open cURL<BR><BR>&#039;create record<BR>Set REC = CreateObject("ADODB.Record")<BR>REC.Open strURL, Conn<BR><BR>&#039;this field, i think, should exist but doesn&#039;t<BR>REC.Fields("urn:schemas:httpmail:a ttachmentfilename").Value<BR><BR>if you need more info, let me know.<BR>thanks for your help.<BR><BR>rob