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    I&#039;m busy with a leave appliction program.<BR>I can easily enter my application for leave and have a higher "ranked" person approve it etc. Displaying it on a calendar type interface for GUI-friendly stuff.<BR><BR>BUT, now I am faced with the problem of calculating how much leave an employee has to his/her disposal, then when the leave is approved minus the original number with the number approved. I&#039;m taking this baby steps, because I still have to factor in sick leave(which works a bit different)<BR><BR>Could anyone give me some advice on what I should do?(fields/tables I should have or any other advice on what to do cause i am stuck)

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    It all depends on what data you want to get out of your app at the end.<BR><BR>Does eveyone have the same number of days leave?<BR>Does everyone have the same leave year (Jan-Dec)?<BR>Does your app need to take public holidays?<BR>Is 1 day the minimum leave period allowed, or can they take 1/2 days?<BR>Do you need to record the dates when they were on leave?<BR>Do you need to hold the data for previous years?<BR>Can staff carry unused leave over to the next year?<BR><BR>Having said that, I would imagine that a structure somethi9ng like this would work.<BR>1) Staff table holding the staff name and the total number of days they are allowed.<BR>2) Leave table with 1 row for each set of leave they take. This should store start date, end date and number of working days off.

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