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    Hello<BR><BR>This is actually a problem that I&#039;ve resolved but I found only a single reference to this in every online resource I checked and I don&#039;t want others to go through this pain if they get it too.<BR><BR>Basically, the scenario is that the ASP API is not fully supported when code is run with a version of ASP.dll that should support it. The likely reason is that there are 2 versions of ASP.dll that have been registered, an old one (E.g. version 1.x) and a newer one (E.g. version 2.x).<BR><BR>When I used process viewers and dependency tools to analyse my resident dlls, they all pulled up that I had the latest version of ASP.dll.<BR><BR>The solution is to find the other unwanted asp.dll (just do a search on file system), and unregister it from the server using:<BR><BR> regsvr32 &#060;path&#062; /u<BR><BR> where &#060;path&#062; is the file path of the unwanted asp.dll file. (E.g. f:apps/inetsrv/asp.dll)<BR><BR>You might also want to rename and/or delete/stamp/tear to shreds in venomous hatred the offending asp.dll file - this is such an annoying problem and it might make you feel better.<BR><BR>If you find this useful, please post this to another message board to spread the word.<BR><BR>Ben Caesar<BR>benc@dumgal.gov.uk<BR>

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    I&#039;ve definitely run into that problem before, but I&#039;ve never bothered chasing it down. Nice one.<BR><BR>Dunc

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