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    Respected Sir,<BR>I am Reader of the book "Active server pages in 21 days ".Thanx for giving such a beautiful book.Sir,I am a Lecturer for Post Graduate Computer diploma course .I teach VB & ASP .Could you help me by supplying any teaching reference material or additional material for ASP.I am in search of good assignments to be given to students based on this ASP 21 days book.<BR>Pls.try to help me if possible.<BR><BR><BR>Mr.Nitin<BR>India.

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    Well, there&#039;s the bonus projects in the book, the Q&A section, the exercises in each chapter, etc. Those should get you started. There&#039;s also a plethora of information on ASP spread across the Internet... start with some of the more popular sites:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>etc.

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