How not to limit a drop-list?

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Thread: How not to limit a drop-list?

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    Ali Guest

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    Is there a way to have a drop-list that is not limited to the rows (which I&#039ve populated from a table)? I have figured out how to set the selection if the record has a value, but I want the user to be able to add an entry that is not already on the list. Thanks in advance.

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    No.<BR><BR>HTML drop-downs are "limited to list." In other words, they do not allow the selection of a value that is not in the list.<BR><BR>You could make a custom control with a bit of javascript that would mirror this functionality, but you can&#039t make it happen with a straight html control.

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    Vikram Koneri Guest

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    You can add dynamically new options to the &#060;Select&#062; tag.<BR>You can ask the user to enter a value in a text box and then on click of a Button call a javascript function to add the entered value to the &#060;Select&#062; tag.<BR><BR>E.g.<BR>function Add()<BR>{<BR> var nopt = new Option();<BR> nopt.value = "USA";<BR> nopt.text = "United States";<BR> tbox.options[tbox.options.length] = nopt;<BR>}<BR><BR>Hope it helps !<BR><BR>

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