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    I am trying to set up a database for my website. This database will give the viewers the option of picking a product. When they pick the product all of the add-ons to that product will come up in a list. <BR><BR>EXAMPLE: a viewer chooses "shoe" and a table is generated with "shoe lace", "shoe glue" and "shoe inserts"<BR><BR>I am going to give each product a workWithID. So, if shoe is picked and has a value of 3, I can search the database and display all items with the value 3 in workWithID. The PROBLEM is that item such as "shoe inserts" can be sold as add-ons to many products. Do I have to set up my database so that I have 5 "shoe inserts" entries and give each one a different goesWithID, or is there a way to list this once and put multiple values in the workWithID field?

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    it&#039;s called relational databasing. you have a linked table. check out this article<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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