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    My setup: PWS, Workstation 4.0 (SP 6), Oracle, file DNS, InterDev 6. <BR><BR>I get "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator." when I test asp pages. The same code works fine on another machine. <BR><BR>Couldn&#039;t find anything on MS site. What do I check? How can I figure out what causes this error?<BR><BR>I used to get &#039;ASP 0015 external object error&#039; on this machine, then I reinstalled FrontPage extensions and now I get this :(

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    is there anything in the event viewer (start-&#062;programs-&#062;administrative tools (common)-&#062;event viewer<BR><BR>btw FP extensions are EVIL - I never (ever) install them. I try to keep my installations as light as possible (within reason)<BR><BR>j

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