ASP runs on PWS and not on IIS

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Thread: ASP runs on PWS and not on IIS

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    gert kruithof Guest

    Default ASP runs on PWS and not on IIS

    I have some ASP pages made on PWS and they work OK. I switched to IIS but the server interprets the ASP code as plain text. I run NT server 4.0 with service pack 6. Do I have to install something? another pack or so? A new version perhaps?<BR>Thanks

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    Ian S Guest

    Default RE: ASP runs on PWS and not on IIS

    Install Service Pack 7<BR>(just kidding)<BR><BR>Make sure it&#039s IIS 4 and in the MMC go to the default website<BR>properties. Under &#039Home Directory&#039 select &#039Configuration&#039.<BR>Make sure that .asp is mapped to asp.dll<BR><BR>Also make sure that under &#039Home Directory&#039 Permissions<BR>are set at &#039Script&#039<BR><BR>Ian S<BR>

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    Ian S Guest

    Default One more thing

    If it&#039s not IIS 4 , download the NT option Pack from<BR>Microsoft and Install it. Then apply the service packs again.<BR>Although I would only apply the ones that are supported by<BR>MS.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Ian

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