How to use HTTP upload through ASP ?

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Thread: How to use HTTP upload through ASP ?

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    Matthew MacSuga Guest

    Default How to use HTTP upload through ASP ?

    Does anyone know how to upload a file using HTTP, either by using the ASPHTTP component or ASPTear component. This would essencially simulate uploading a file through a browser using a form on a webpage. <BR><BR>What headers have to be set and how does the data have to be encapsulated during a POST operation ? Is it even possible using the above components, or something entirely different ? Every component is server-side based for allowing clients to upload to a site, but not a site (server-side) to upload to another site :) <BR><BR>Please note: This is server-side only, simulating the "go to webpage, browse for file, push upload button, file received by server" - this would be simulating what would happen if a client (user-side) were uploading a file through an HTTP multipart/encoded form.<BR><BR>Any ideas ? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Matthew MacSuga

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    James W. Guest

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    If I were you I&#039;d grab the docs associated with the component you want to use - they&#039;ll explain EVERYTHING.

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