Connection Strings, global.asa and the mundaneness

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Thread: Connection Strings, global.asa and the mundaneness

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    Default Connection Strings, global.asa and the mundaneness

    We have a couple of servers, one test and one production. We copied everything over from the production server to our shiny new test server and it seems that the connection string in the global.asa was not connecting to the database server properly.<BR><BR>Now, on the production side of things, the web server is on the same server as the SQL server. The connection string is:<BR><BR>Application("PGDPT_ConnectionString") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;UID=PGDTracking_Web;Database= PGDTracking;Machine=DDBDSW61;PWD=somepass;"<BR><BR >When we copied this over to the test server, the connection was not established. We then changed the connection string to:<BR><BR>Application("PGDPT_ConnectionString") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;UID=PGDTracking_Web;Database= PGDTracking;Server=DDBDSW61;PWD=somepass;"<BR><BR> (Notice &#039;MACHINE&#039; is now &#039;SERVER&#039;)<BR><BR>And now the connection is established and everything works fine.<BR><BR>Our question is this: what are the differences between calling the database server by MACHINE or SERVER.<BR><BR>My hypothesis is that because MACHINE only works on a local database server, maybe this is how we remove the extra step of having to resolve the name through an external DNS server, thus cutting down on processing time.<BR><BR>Anyone know?

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    personally I would never, ever use MACHINE - always server, and for preference an IP address or [local]<BR><BR>you&#039;ll probably find your answer in the ADO docs<BR><BR>j

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