If Windows 2000 can display thumnail previews of files when reading a directory - why can&#039;t it stream those images thru a web browser? <BR><BR>Questions I&#039;d liek some ideas about:<BR><BR>How is it done? Does Windows use Directx? activex? or what to create those previews?<BR><BR>Once we know that, maybe we can figure out how to capture them and save, or stream them as thumnails to view them in web pages.<BR><BR>the perefect scenario would be if i coudl make a multiple file uploading componant that would show client side image previews and send both the files and the thumnails up to the server.<BR><BR>Tall order. Yes, but... let&#039;s just start with figuring out how Windows makes those previews in the first place.<BR><BR>~ patrick<BR>