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Thread: Locked files and file upload.

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    Here&#039;s the situation : Managers may upload files with a management site, and any employees may take a look at these files by another site. Those files are pdf, jpg, gif or txt files and these files may be attached to products in the database. <BR><BR> Here&#039;s my problem : when someone visualizes a file on the server using a browser, the server locks it for 45 seconds (i dont know why yet, neither if its possible to change it somewhere. ). If a manager try to upload a new version of this file during these 45 seconds , instead of overwriting the locked file, the library im using performs something that locks the file, causes an error to the manager and this file wont be overwritable or deletable.<BR><BR> If someone knows something about this file lock, i could easily use some help here.

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    If it&#039;s happening for 45 seconds every time, then it&#039;s likely a script timeout setting in IIS or a declared "Server.ScriptTimeout = 45" command in the code itself.<BR><BR>It is very possible that a script for a file call command references a 2nd object that is trying to reference the same file - or even the 1st object results (this happened to me!), while the app settings for the script timeout are set to 45 seconds; worse still, the virus scan engine may have the files tied up in checking for viruses, while the file is being referenced by the script, and the script timeout is just waiting to die.<BR><BR>One thing to try is to lock the application until the file action is complete - both the file request and the file save. That way, it&#039;s a first-come, first-served process. To avoid script timeout issues, set the app;ication to ... say, 90 seconds - the default. If that doesn&#039;t work, check the code for hard-coded script timeouts.<BR><BR>Best of luck

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