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    Hi, one of my site is extreme database driven.. ies a personel site at http://www.bondhon.com/<BR>since last week, I am having problems on and off. Simetimes he site goes down and stays down (connection timed out) for voer 10hours. Now the hosting people ae saying there is nothing wrong with the server, and it might just be bad coding (not closing connection???). Now is it possible to write something that would stop the server from responding for 10 hours.

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    Its very possible and happens a lot that code can hog resources for hours on end. These are usually bad loops or recordset operations that do not .movenext.<BR><BR>If I were you, I would post the offending code here so people can take a look at it. If there is a lot then try to put just the ASP code up. Try to close all objects (recordsets, connections, custom com). <BR><BR>I do find it hard to beleive that your code is faulty to a degree to bring down a server and all they are doing is suggesting that your code is not working properly. If a server was affected by code they would be the ones to find the bad code segment and inform the programmer/site owner.

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