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    Default list box parameters?

    Does anybody know how to pass multiple parameters from a list box so that a database may do search against selected items. Any psuedo code, snipplets or known tutorials are appreciated.<BR>Example:ListBox Values(ZipCodes)<BR>21212<BR>21213<BR>21214<BR><BR >If more then one item is selected how do I pass selected values of ListBox to [(@ZipCode)] <BR><BR>SQL WHERE Clause:<BR>WHERE PropRecordset.ZipCode = [(@ZipCode)] AND<BR>

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    When you request the multi-line listbox it should give you the result in a list separated by commas i.e.<BR>21212,21213,21214<BR>Then you should be able to use SQL<BR>WHERE PropRecordset.ZipCode IN(" & Request.Form("ziplistbox") & ") AND ....<BR>Any use?

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    Default RE: list box parameters?

    lots of help Thanx I&#039;ll give it a try!

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