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    $String$ Guest

    Default How would you do this?

    The way I have this set up now is that a user goes trough and items that are picked are inserted into the users s_item colum.<BR>When they pick an item I add the item number to the colum. So it ends up with 34,75,22,76,12,173 in the colum. The items are referenced from another table. Is this the most effcent way to go about this?

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    Dalibor Sver Guest

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    No, I would put each selected item into next record - if I would write it to database at all. But I wouldn&#039;t. I would write all those values to hidden fields.

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    $String$ Guest

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    No no everytime someone picks somthing it addes the item id to the end of the string in the database.

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    Default Cant you?

    Cant you just split the string up? Just split it at whatever delimeters you have it at then just use the array? <BR><BR>Loop through it or do whatever you want? Wont this work or am I missing something?

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    $string$ Guest

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    Yes this is what I am doing storing all the items in a large string and using the split to get them out. All I wanted to know was is this the bet way to go about this or is there are more efficet way, because I have some people picking over 200 items.

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