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    Aspaman Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I have a little question...<BR>I execute a query, which has to return a record with 32 attributes.<BR>All of these attributes are strings, except for one, which is an integer.<BR>The query crashes on that one integer... An example:<BR><BR>this works: objRs.Open("select strName, strLastname from table", objConn)<BR>and this doesn&#039;t: objRs.Open("select strName, iNumber from table", objConn)<BR><BR>It crashes directly after that. Can anybody please give an advice? Should I somehow convert that attribute to string, when I execute this query with rs.Open?<BR><BR>Thx,<BR>Aspaman<BR>

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    vijay Guest

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    select strName, strLastname from table<BR>is a SQL query. You cannot put variables like strName,str...<BR><BR>You need to mention the Coulmn name of the table. No spelling mistakes allowed.

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