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    Is there a datatype in SQL7 which automatically generates decimals?<BR><BR>I.e if i insert 155 into PRICE column i automatically want it<BR>to be 155,00. If i insert 155,20 i would obsiusly just want to stick with that value...<BR><BR>Any help appreciated. I&#039;ve several types but none seems to do the job??<BR><BR>Regards / John

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    SQL Server has money which is probably what you want

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    Default not really ...

    Yes i can use money but when i&#039;m inserting values like<BR>155,50 it&#039;s automatically saved as155,5. This would leave me with one decimal. It&#039;s the same story with decimal(and numeric) datatypes. Region settings are swedish and will not be changed.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t want to use varchar or similiar.<BR><BR>Regards / john<BR>

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    Then what you are saying is the problem is display ?

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    BAM Guest

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    Can you just use the formatcurrency function?

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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