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    Sunny Guest

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    i have an array that i populate in a sub called in the document, i need to pass this array to the next page. how do i pass it? <BR><BR>sub this ()<BR> redim theArray(someForm.options.length-1)<BR> For i = 0 To ubound(theArray) <BR> theArray(i) = (someForm.options (i).value) <BR> Next <BR> For i = 0 To ubound(theArray) <BR> alert(theArray(i)) <BR> Next<BR>end sub

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    vijay Guest

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    Two things.<BR>first: the code seems to be a client side VBScript validation. Naturally it won&#039;t work in netscape.<BR><BR>secondly: what is javascript alert doing in VBScript code. I am sorry, but i never coded cleint side VBscript, so i might be wrong.<BR><BR>======having said that...<BR><BR>you pass information from one page to the other(via server) through the URL or the Form fields. I Guess you cannot accesss the client side variable at your server.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Sunny Guest

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    Vijay, I am capturing an onclick event and passing it to the method, I donot know how u cud do that in server side script, guess u cud help me with it<BR><BR>sunny

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    vijay Guest

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    OnClick events occur at the client(browser). So you CANNOT write the server-side script to handle it. <BR><BR>One way is to create a hidden field in your HTML page & write a string consisting of all the data you want to pass, seperated buy a seperator. <BR><BR>Can comment more you come up with specific requirement & RELEVENT code.

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