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    sachin Guest

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    I have a problem regarding retrieving values of the previous form in the page which is a part of frame.The frame contain two pages upper & lower. I am making a chat code.The initial page is login. I want to retrieve the login value in the text box on the login page in the top page of the frame.and print(response.write)<BR>it there.But i don&#039;t know how to pass control to the page which is a part of a frame.when i say &#060;form action=top page of frame method="post"&#062;the top page opens in entirity.It doesn&#039;t opens in the frame.Please can any one out there help me!!!!???

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    Nilesh S. Guest

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    hi, <BR>From the login page , call the main page containing the frames pages . <BR>e.g. from the login.htm page , call main.asp ( use <BR>&#060;form name="login" action="main.asp" method="POST"&#062; )<BR> <BR>which is say the frames page which contains 2 frames ..upper and lower... So the control passes to main.asp page which SHOULD display both the frames pages. <BR>I can&#039;t understand why your page is not opening in frames ? <BR><BR>Please can you be more specific ? <BR><BR>Regards<BR>Nilesh<BR>

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    vijay Guest

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    it&#039;s opening in the enitire screen because you have not mentioned target="name of the frame".

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