I want to create popup menus?

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Thread: I want to create popup menus?

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    Default I want to create popup menus?

    In Visual Basic we are creating popupmenus.<BR>I want to create popup menus using Asp.<BR>Please give me code.<BR>

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    vijay Guest

    Default ????????

    What is your requirement? Please do not compare VB application with the ASP(Internet) applications.<BR><BR>Use javascript to pop up new window.<BR><BR>&#060;A href="javascript:window.open(&#039;...&#039;)"&#06 2;Help&#060;/A&#062;

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    Wim VDB Guest

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    Here&#039;s a good site where you can download the code immediately.<BR><BR>http://www.webreference.com/dhtml/hiermenus/instructions/

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