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    mark Guest

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    i am trying to set a cookie in my users browser and i want it to stay there for as long as IE is in memory. i used:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("var") = "Value"<BR><BR>when i used this, the cookie was only stored for the opened instance of IE, but when i opened another instance of IE and went to the page the value didnt show when i did:<BR><BR>Response.Write Response.Cookies("var")<BR><BR>However, when i set an expiration to a later date on the Cookie then it is stored, but i want it to expire when no running instances of IE are running. is this possible?

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    mark Guest

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    sorry.. i made a mistake.. just so some of you dont think i dont know.. i used<BR>Response.Write Request.Cookies("var")instead of<BR>Response.Write Response.Cookies("var")

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    mark Guest

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    ALSO.. it doesnt even show up in my browsers cookies if i dont specify an expiration. is it supposed to show in my cookies even if i dont specify an expiration?

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