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    I saw a lot of sites with login and password. When you enter them once, next time when you visit it again, they will pop out your password as long as your login input is right.I learned some cookie stuff about it, still not sure how I could do it.<BR>I tried to use javascript to input password value when login is right. It works, but it doesn&#039t seem like the way it supposed to be.<BR>Any code about it I can use as a ref ?<BR><BR>Thanks heaps !!!!!!!!

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    hi u seem to have a very generic type of problem <BR><BR>well here is ageneric answer<BR><BR>go to<BR><BR> ,u would get a cookie tutorial<BR>or else<BR><BR>go to<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>regards<BR>durgesh<BR>

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