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    I have a form that goes to an asp page that does a lookup from 2 tables based on a single field. It works great if I do 2 seperate calls to the db for each table. I am trying to learn how to do the same thing in one call. I used inner join and it works but in my test I have 1 record in table1 and 3 in table2. When displayed I get the record for table1 3 times and the 3 records for table3 once. I know that this is because it's looping the code. My question at this point is is this possible? I looked in the FAQ's but didn't see anything that seemed to aplly unless I simply don't know what to call it at this point. Any direction would be a great help.

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    maybe data shaping is what you need - there&#039;s an article on it at (in the ASP section)<BR><BR>j

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