Working with a NT server and Access2000 with all the locale-settings in Dutch (day-month-year and a comma as decimal separator) and MDAC 2.6, I came across a lot of trouble.<BR>When I used SQL-statements like this:<BR><BR>strSQL = "UPDATE TableX SET DateX = #10-4-2001# WHERE RecordID" & ID<BR><BR>the result is stored the wrong way around (october 4, instead of 10 april).<BR><BR>This is how I solved it for now:<BR><BR>myDate = Now()<BR>myDate = CDbl(myDate)<BR>myDate = Replace(myDate, ",",".")<BR>strSQL = "UPDATE TabelX SET DateX = CDate(" & myDate & ") WHERE RecordID = " & ID<BR><BR>OK, it works, but it won&#039;t win any beautycontest.<BR>Can someone help me find a more elegant solution?<BR>Thanx!