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    I'm running a page with a fairly large amount of sql statements on it. Probably 15. First of all - I know that putting this all into a stored procedure would probably be better but I just wanted to pose a question. I'm setting all of my recordsets to nothing and closing my db connection. I'm watching the 'performance monitor' on the server as I refresh this page to see what kind of memory usage it is using. It seems to peak out and go down a little but my problem is this: It seems to be slowly climbing and never really going back down (at least all that much). Is there something else that I can be doing to make this perform better and have it free up some of that memory? I'd like to figure this out because I would assume that I should apply this to all my pages regardless of have labor intensive it is. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    You're on the right track. Set everything to nothing and that should take care of it. We'll look forward to that Greg.

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    perhaps open the connection once at the beginning and close it (and set it to nothing) at the end

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