I am very new to ASP so this question may be very basic. I have created a survey page that I will post on my companies intranet web server. The responses that the user can select in the survey are in drop down lists, and are written to an Access database in the same directory as the ASP file. When the user selects the button to add the information to the data base the following question message box appears "This page is accessing a data source on another domain. Do you want to allow this?" with a [Yes] or [No] button at the bottom of the "Microsoft ADO/RDS" dialog box.<BR>I have read on other web sites that I can set the page I created up as a trusted site in the Internet Explorer security settings so this message won&#039;t appear, but this won&#039;t be feasible to do on the (150+) end users PC&#039;s who will be filling out the survey.<BR>Is there any way to not have the question message box come up without changing the Internet Explorer setttings on each PC that I will send the survey to?