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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I would like to create a login section on my website. Normal members would have limited access and only administrators would be able to get into specific pages. Eg. If joe was an administrator and logged in he would be taken to a private section, all other people who would log in would be directed to another page. <BR><BR>Any ideas on how i would do this?<BR><BR>Thanks in ADvance<BR><BR>J

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    Hello you only have really 2 choices to do this.<BR>#1. You use a table in Access or SQL Server and store UIDs/Pass. You then ask for the username and password in text fields. In the password text box you can use &#060;input type=password&#062;. Then on the submit you query the table that you have UID&#039;s and Pass. If rs.eof then redirect to a login failed page. If UID/Pass matches have a flag in the same table that is called Admin. If not rs.eof then check that flag, if admin show certain items else show only user items.<BR>#2. Use NT Security harder to setup though.

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    Thanks Sean,<BR><BR>I would go with no1. I can create login for everyone, but how would i distinguish who is admin so that i could redirect them.<BR><BR>J

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