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    I recently transferred our internet databases (SQL Server) to another server using the attach command. This morning, we tried to get a full-text catalog working (we already populated it). I keep getting the following error (error 7607): Search on full-text catalog '%ls' for database ID %d, table ID %d with search condition '%ls' failed with unknown result (%x). The server we transferred the databases from still has the same databases up with the same architecture and data and it works. Does anyone know how to remedy this?

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    Default Looks to me...

    ...like the parameters are not getting passed and/or filled in properly!<BR><BR>After all, if the engine *had* received the parameters, it wouldn&#039;t be reporting names such as %d, etc. At least, that&#039;s how I interpret it.<BR><BR>But that *is* a guess!<BR><BR>

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