Global.asa....weird, not working. Help.

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Thread: Global.asa....weird, not working. Help.

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    Patty Guest

    Default Global.asa....weird, not working. Help.

    I am trying to find out how many users are currently on my web site. I&#039;ve followed the example found in the 4guysfromrolla site but for some weird reason, it doesn&#039;t work.<BR>This is what I did:<BR><BR>global.asa (which is directly in my directory)<BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript" RUNAT="Server"&#062; <BR>Sub Application_OnStart<BR> Session.Timeout = 2<BR> Application.Lock<BR> Application("WhosOn") = 0<BR> Application.UnLock<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnStart<BR> Application.Lock<BR> Application("WhosOn") = Application("WhosOn") + 1<BR> Application.UnLock<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnEnd<BR> Application.Lock<BR> Application("WhosOn") = Application("WhosOn") - 1<BR> Application.UnLock<BR>End Sub<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>my whoisonline.asp page that output the number of users currently online.<BR>response.write("<BR><BR>there are presently -&#062; " & Application("WhosOn") & " &#060;- users!")<BR><BR>what I get from the above output is this:<BR>there are presently -&#062; &#060;- users!<BR><BR>anyone knows what I missed ?<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Dalibor Sver Guest

    Default Not sure - but I think...

    ...that in order to process global.asa server must be restarted. Try it locally on PWS for example and see if it works

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    Patty Guest

    Default Well, it sort of works...on my

    When I test the same thing out on my win2k pro development pc, everything works ok. I did not reboot (my win2k) system though.<BR><BR>Does this mean that I need to restat the NT4 server that the web site actually resides on?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Patty

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    RDM Guest

    Default Restart web site-Possible restart of IIS may be ne

    ...Do not need to reboot the server itself.

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    Patty Guest

    Default ok. Can I ?

    All right. Thanks.<BR>Is it possible for me to restart the web site remotly? throught my browser , if I have administrative privileges?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Patty Guest

    Default The answer !

    Restarting only the web site did not work.<BR>I stoped and restarted the IIS service, and it worked!<BR><BR>Maybe this could be helpful to others.

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