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    I am using MS Access to store the content of some pages that I will be creating dynamically. I want the client to be able to use an update form to add content(recordsets) to the site. This is easy enough if I&#039;m just talking about headings and paragraphs. It gets a bit trickier though when I want to allow him to add a bulleted list. I thought it would be helpful to separate the regular content from the list content, so I created a table called lists. The table fields are as follows<BR><BR>ID &#124 ListName &#124 ListIntro &#124 Item1 &#124 Item2 &#124 .... &#124 Item20<BR><BR>My problem is how to extract Items 1 through whatever and display them in an unordered(bulleted)list. Am I even approaching this the right way? How do I get it to loop through the recordset to display as a bulleted list?<BR><BR>As you can see I&#039;m new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated<BR><BR>John McDonald

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    The problem with a flat file format that you are using is that you are limiting the list to only 20 items. You are also reserving space for all those extra items if that specific list only has a couple of items. You should try breaking up the data in two tables. I.E.<BR><BR>Lists<BR>----------<BR>ID<BR>ListName<BR>ListIntro<BR><BR>ListItems<B R>----------<BR>ListsID<BR>Item<BR><BR>You could now have a one to many relationship so you could have as many Items as you want. I don&#039;t think you can do data shaping with Access so this will require to calls to the data. One to get the Lists info. You can then use the Lists&#039; ID field to query all the Items.

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