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    I have an asp page that gathers information from separate .log files and puts the information into one file. The problem is I always get an error that says <BR>"Active Server Pages error &#039;ASP 0113&#039; Script timed out" <BR>it also says "The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools."<BR><BR>How do I use the server.scripttimeout or what else can I do to get around this?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Server.ScriptTimeout = number_of_seconds<BR><BR>That means that you will &#039;give script a chance&#039; for example to try to connect over and over again during that period to database if it failed at first.<BR>Simply, it is time limit that script has to be executed from top to bottom.

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