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    David Enrages Guest

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    Is there a way to automatically virus check a file<BR>that you&#039;ve uploaded with ASPUpload. This wouldn&#039;t<BR>have to be done with ASP upload. I could run a job<BR>to do this every few hours, but is it possible to<BR>do automatically? I could do it with VB or something<BR>too, if anyone has any suggestions.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>david enrages

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    James W. Guest

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    There was a discussion about this a few weeks ago on the moderated board. Other than scheduling every few hours, the other option seemed to be creating a component that called the Virus Scan program and call the component once uploading is complete.<BR>You&#039;ll need to check the Virus Scan software license before you do this. Most programs don&#039;t let you wrap their programs within your own without compensation.

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