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    JohnG Guest

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    How do i find out who is currently logged into the iis server??

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    Default Depends

    How are you logging them in?

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    JohnG Guest

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    I keep the username in a cookie. I want to write a report of all currently logged in users, the iis server doesn't keep track in some way??

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    Default Simple solution??

    Just add a field in the database table where u have the username and the password, say, "logged_in" and the moment you check the username and the password of a user who is trying to log-in, make that field "Y" for Yes, then u can always query the table for all the "Y" in the table, those users are logged in, the drawback is u have to rely on the user to LOG OFF once he goes off the site, then you can make hte "logged-in" field "N", but if they dont log off, just wander off then...well then may be you can combine this property:<BR>response.isclientconnected<BR><BR>wha t you can do is:<BR>when user logs in successfully, make the field as "Y" and create a session variable for the user. now on each page check if <BR>"response.isclientconnected", if not then grab the session value of the user and make the field in the table "N", I dont know if this is possible but u can certainly give it a try.

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