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    I tried this on the Advanced Board but it doesn&#039;t seem to be very active. Maybe it belongs here instead...<BR>Having a problem loading an XML file into the XMLDocument object using the load <BR>method. If I go straight to the file through the browser it pulls up fine seeing <BR>the external entity references fine, but I need to transform the document with <BR>XSL prior to sending it out. The problem is that the XMLDocument won&#039;t load <BR>anything past the Doctype declaration thus leading me to the "XML document must <BR>have a top level element" error. <BR><BR>I have gotten the exact same files (minus path changes to the references) to work <BR>on a different server running an older version of IE, but I get this error on <BR>this box. I could understand it if it wouldn&#039;t come up at all but since it will <BR>come up directly through the browser just not through ASP and XMLDocument object. Again, it just stops reading the document after the DTD.<BR>I&#039;m confused. Any help would be appreciated. <BR>.<BR><BR>

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    Default Try ASP.NET

    This board deals with ASP, not XML.

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    Default Or Moderated XML <eop>


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