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Thread: Changing almost all URL's on site. How to us

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    Default Changing almost all URL's on site. How to us

    &nbsp;<BR>I am supposed to redesign a site with some 700 links. We&#039;d really like to reorganize and rename folders and links, but need to keep the old URL&#039;s in place. We are using Win 2000.<BR><BR>I thought of this: I could set up a small database with matching url&#039;s (both old and new). If the user accesses e.g., can I somehow at 404 or some other error page check the http_referer variable, look up my database, find the new url and redirect the visitor to it.<BR><BR>As far as I know, 303 redirects should be used, but am not versed how it all works with Win2K/ASP/SHTM (if at all).<BR><BR>Does anyone have any advice for me how to handle this in the best way?<BR><BR>I&#039;d prefer to do this with SHTM, but if I have no option, I&#039;d go for ASP. I just have to do it efficiently, without having to recreate a file for every single old url.<BR><BR>If I can use .asp extension for 404 file, I guess it should be easy the way I mentioned above.<BR><BR>Thank you so much for your suggestions and help.<BR>

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    Dalibor Sver Guest

    Default I know what you mean.

    That&#039;s why I always design site which have all ASP pages (or PHP) and none HTML. You can then:<BR>-Either ask database for links for each page - which is maybe not the best idea (although I use it cause my colegue designer likes it) - because I always want to leave db alone as much as possible<BR>- Maybe better if you create include file(s) with links? Then all you have to do is change this/those file/s.

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    Default RE: I know what you mean. (Redirects & Linkrot)

    &nbsp;<BR>Thank, Dalibor. The problem is I am stuck with the HTML files and the whole folder structure has to be revised. Probably few new folders will be introduced where all content will be kept, while the old links have to be preserved somehow (with minimal effort, of course:)). <BR><BR>I hope you or someone has a suggestion as to handle redirects in the best way now that we are already stuck with this problem.

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    Rana Hossain Guest

    Default RE: Changing almost all URL's on site. How t

    Hmmm... I think the fastest way is to use the 404<BR>it will return the filename with servername in the querystring<BR>just parse it to get the fileName, look up in a text file (faster) and response.redirect<BR>

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