Are there Y2K Issues with ASP?

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Thread: Are there Y2K Issues with ASP?

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    Jerh OConnor Guest

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    I&#039ve implemented a date based report on a DB using only 2 digits for the year. It appears to work fine for post 1999 years on my 98 box with PWS.<BR><BR>Are there any Y2K issues with ASP that I should be aware of and/or that require the use of a 4 digit year field?

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    Sathiya Guest

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    Best way to not get in to Y2K Problem is to use 4 Digit year and see that in your database it stores as 4 digit. if you use 2 digit you will get problem while using that for calculation. if you are very interested in using 2 digits use it only for display purpose other that use 4 digits.

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