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    I put together a very simple guestbook using an Access database. It the first database i have ever made. It works fine except i can't seem to find a way to increase the maximum field length to more than 255 characters for a text field. It seems silly to limit messages on the guestbook to 255 characters. Any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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    i'm not positive about this, but i don't think you can increase the fields larger than 255. maybe you can and its an easy fix; otherwise, you could create a .txt file with the FSO stuff (FileSystemObject.. search the site for FSO stuff) and then write the data there. you could then use the slot in the db to hold the name of the .txt file and open the .txt once you extract the name.

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    hmmm..<BR><BR>Why are you using a text field?<BR><BR>Use a memo field... that will give you a maximum of 65,500 characters...

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