Can an edit box test for data?

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Thread: Can an edit box test for data?

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    Larry Berube Guest

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    People more knowledgeable than I,<BR><BR>I need to make a form page with edit boxes that when populated by a "SELECT * FROM" in a SQL Server Database would be disabled (grayed out) if the value returned is NOT NULL. The user would still see the fields with data but would only be able to input data into the fields that have no data already in them.<BR> <BR>Like say booking seats on an airplane, you need to see what seats are available and then input data (passenger ID) in a box that is empty. But you don&#039t want someone to take someone else&#039s seat by editing the field so you have to disable the boxes with data already in them. Right? <BR>I hope I&#039m making sense.<BR> <BR>Thanks In Advance<BR> <BR>

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    Sathiya Guest

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    sqlstr = "select seat from seattable<BR>rsSeats = Connection.execute(sqlsr)<BR><BR>&#060;input type = "text" name="seat" value="&#060;%rsSeats("Seat")%&#062;"<BR>&#060;% If not isNull(rsSeats("Seat")) Then %&#062;<BR> readonly<BR>&#060;% End if %&#062;<BR>&#062;<BR>check the recordset value is null if not put readonly tag in htmlcode try and see.

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    Larry Berube Guest

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    I&#039m getting script error... Expected &#039,&#039

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