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Thread: IIS stopped dishing out ASP pages

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    Thomas S. Guest

    Default IIS stopped dishing out ASP pages

    Hi, I'm frustrated. I have a Win2000 Pro machine and have been serving ASP pages for about 3 months now with no problem. But recently IIS stopped serving all ASP pages. Even taking a ".htm" page and renaming it to ".asp" will give me the "500 Internal Server Error". Yes, I have uninstalled, rebooted and installed the IIS portion many times.

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    Default Try

    Running a detect and repair on IE 5.5 through add remove programs. Sometimes that will resolve the problem.

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    Thomas S. Guest

    Default RE: Try (Didn't work) =(

    Doug,<BR><BR>I appreciate the help. I didn&#039;t have IE 5.5 installed so I went to MS, downloaded it, installed it, rebooted, still have the problem. I just verified that it will launch "localhost/test.htm" but it gives the error on "localhost/test.asp".<BR><BR>Please please please, anyone know? Is it a security issue thing?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR><BR>Tom S.

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